[in senile fitness ball is held] _ fitness ball holds – of effect of _ of advantage of _ of _ old person

Article introduction

Gymnastical ball is exercising equipment, it is young use more, also can use at the small of the back disease health care, its utility is very wide and much, such old people in moving to also have a lot of is used, its movement has change with use method, the use mark of the old people in must be being accorded withLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Accurate, can affect the purpose that take exercise otherwise, what have setting specific aim for this is medium senile fitness ball is held, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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There are a variety of profits after taking exercise, so medium what is the action that senile fitness ball holds?

The action that senile fitness ball holds in is:

Thin arm, decrease the arm is redundant and adipose

Behavioral 1: ?  points to the dumbbell of?-4kg of class of Qi of Qiao faithful extensive, in genu of gymnastical ball proneness, maintain double arm extend to be down, directional parallel of the palm is right now forward. Get on the move of centre of gravity of the body to the ball slowly next, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Achieve a balance. Slow slip the ball the position of gastric ministry, the arm that can assure spread so just leaves the area, mention next tiptoe, make body take up, right now your body should cap-a-pie becomes linear.

Behavioral 2: ? Two such follow on action are a group, repeat an exercise 12 second

Thin leg, thin waist

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Behavioral 1: ? Censure daughter-in-law of ∩ La razor clam channel of 3 annals storehouse mires  makes fun of  to employ alkyne division to call apricot ⑶ of Li of closely question Bei?0 of formic ス earnestly is spent bend. Both hands holds a weight to be the dumbbell of 2~4kg each. Tighten up waist, abdomen self-consciously in order to exercise the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married of here. Elbow is down, dumbbellLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Lift toForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The height of shoulder.

Behavioral 2: ? Krypton of  of model ィ of  of wait of  of welcoming  of screen of handleless cup of breed of short for the Yihe River sends  to finish Qiu Mo of Bei of Yun of  of caries of saute fraud Po calls  of Tiao of Sun of small =  Di storehouse tribute 3 faithful change reason of caving   alkyne of collect of straight a surname artisan of Mei of badger of health collect ∪ .

Coxal reduce weight

Behavioral 1: ? Bed breed the dumbbell of?-4kg of class of faithful extensive Qi, to the directional upend extend of the ground, dormant sitting position holds on gymnastical ball. the body slow slide downward, arrive at the pose that shows in the graph continuously. Upsweep arm, go up gradually lift and final and perpendicular at ceiling direction unbend. As prop up and assist, help the right hand the 2 flesh point at left arm.

Behavioral 2: ? 3 childish Xia is tranquil mire bed of  of clear of pagoda tree of appearance of extensive of class of Liao of Tuo of alarm level ground only Hao  land carries Lu Bei of Xia of  Quan  astounded of Jiao of confused Bao of cellar screen Wan farring away flinchs Qiu of free time of confused of Qiu of Tiao of delay of one Yun H shelters quite  of Dan of ò of straightforward advice Ni vases, it is an exercise with left arm first, trade sword arm next, repeat act of a complete set of.

What is the action that senile fitness ball holds in? Its advantage can undertake reducing weight, the place that reduce weight also is more, and in old people does not need to reduce weight, can change the means that take exercise, effect of distinct behavioral place distributive is distinguishing, should apply reasonably only can avoid to harm, and in old people should notice a variety of item more, for instance the body circumstance of old people, middleaged person exercises quality is original very good, and old people should be differred some, must observe the body changes carefully.

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