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Strong and handsome a key that take exercise is lumbar abdomen force, strong and handsome waist should be had fine strong however waist line and abdominal muscle. A lot of people for strong and handsome 2 exercise lumbar power, also somebody is for healthy exercise lumbar power. Because the kidney is located in the waist two side, will tell from medical angle, lumbar force represents kidney function formidably very good, so a lot of people also can exercise lumbar power for nephritic health.

Exercise the method with lumbar the most significant force

1, sit-ups.

Will tell to the male, the force of the waist that exercises you with this is very crucial. Everybody can make the motion, just want to have patience mainly, still have hold to. Do not do a day, be afraid of tired, abandon. Insist to do 3 groups two for a group with 15 every day, the effect is first-rate.

2, the motion that twist a waist.

Of course, the waist if overworked is overmuch, do not move, can cause flesh of its go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, and injury. Suggest everybody is occupied here when doing not have a thing, can twist oneForum of Shanghai night net

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Issue oneself waist, let lumbar motion rise thereby, achieve the gain that promotes a waist the function.

Exercise the method with lumbar the most significant force

3, turn circle of part of speech.

This, also yes, because twist lumbar word at ordinary times, canLove Shanghai is the same as a cityShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Let a person look at uncomfortable, factitious also, so, might as well in the home group of preparative part of speech turns, just began a movement to won’t be coordinated, after mastering slowly, one day insists to turn half hour, also can achieve lumbar force to restore. Crouch below proneness. When take exercise, still can use the process that crouchs below double leg proneness, also can achieve those who exercise lumbar power. This moment, write down, both hands holds your knee in arms, fall next crouch, it is good that deepness control crouchs below different person, had better be to crouch greatly, stand next. Repeat an act, 50.

4, touchdown carries buttock.

This movement, the likelihood is told to a lot of people, more difficult, because soft toughness is washed-up. But, you need not touch the ground to go up, as long as as far as possible it is OK that the hand approachs a base. Write down, double leg must erect do not hitNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Curved, a touchdown carries the movement of buttock, can hold to 30 seconds, a group of movements, 20.

Exercise the method with lumbar the most significant force

5, advanced Ma Bu.

Crouch Ma Bu, also can achieve this result naturally, but, the person with lumbar bad force, cannot bear possibly, with respect to the proposal you are used at ordinary times Ma Bu is good. Advanced Ma Bu is OK aggravating on the waist, such, allow the force of clog prolapse, force letting a waist picks up.

6, the waist is pressedShanghai night net

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The massage that does good waist also is crucial. Can undertake a few waists are massaged systematically especially, insist to be done every day, OK also perhaps coal tub, such, hind the damp in the back unplugs, also can the action that the real situation picks up with very good waist force.

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