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Gymnastical person is increasing now, above all fitness can dismiss a few off hours, next fitness can let him figure become more beautiful, again fitness conduces to healthy, can fall fat reduces weight. Especially a few youths, if time is more abundant, go fitness is a kind of very right choice really, and still can interact in gym the friend of have a common goal. So, what is gymnastical dinner cookbook?

What is gymnastical dinner cookbook?

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Eat is OK and right amount eat a few banana, potato, vegetable, melon and fruit, bean products, milk kind wait for food.

One, banana

Athletic perspiration, the electrolyte of human body can yield potassium element prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and potassium element is very important to cellular activity however, so athletic hind wants seasonable compensatory Potassium element. Rich potassium element is contained in banana, athletic hind eats banana to be helpful for complementShanghai night net

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Potassium element. At the same time banana absorbs body inside in, the matter that resolves finally is to show alkalescent, be helpful for sex of the soda acid inside body balancing.

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2, tomato patch

The waste energy in athletic process basically is carbohydrate is participated in offer, and the carbohydrate that lays in inside body is very finite however, after the person moves, before the carbohydrate of the memory inside body is used up clean almost, so athletic hind wants seasonable compensatory carbohydrate. The carbohydrate in potato is very high grade, it is chemical combination of water of carbon of the complement after motionShanghai night net

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What is gymnastical dinner cookbook?

3, vegetable, melon and fruit, bean products, breast kind

Vegetable, melon and fruit, bean products, breast kind this is food show after the metabolization inside body alkalescent, what can counteract what release inside athletic rear body to go out is acidity, eliminate exhaustion, protect the body.

4, colourful chicken is strung together

Raw material: Pink of any of several hot spice plants of pigeon breast flesh, cucumber, onion, colour, soy, salt, black pepper, chili.


Flesh of 1. chicken breast cuts Xiaoding, join; of tasty of souse of pink of soy, salt, black pepper, chili

2. chicken man, onion piece, colour any of several hot spice plants piece, cucumber piece string comes, two sides scatters; of pink of on a few pepper, salt, chili

3. bakes dish of mat tinfoil to put most lower level, grill is put among, oven warm-up 250 degrees, two sides bakes 8 minutes each.

What is gymnastical dinner cookbook?

5, aroma is greenShanghai noble baby

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Meal of fabaceous curry stew

Raw material: Egg two, quick-freeze assorted is vegetable (bead of carrot man, corn, lima-bean) , onion, curry piece (or curry powder) , salt, shallot.


1. fries the egg in a way that has made, need not too ripe, caky can, put at the same time stand-by;

2. is gone to do not stick little oil is added in boiler, fry broken onion sweet, enter the rice that has washed and quick-freeze assorted vegetable, ; of meal of stew of the cap on the lid

3. uses hot water curry piece or curry powder melt, the mix in pouring rice is even, continueForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Stew meal;

4. after 15 minutes, rice is ripe about the same, flip through with scoop, add the egg that just had fried, remember trying flavour, if too light sentence adds the; that nod salt again

After 5. meal is ripe, sa Shanggang cuts good shallot end, build upper cover again child a little stew can eat a little while.

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